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Highest-quality services

G.E. Marshall Inc. is your contractor of choice for every type of sitework service: preparation, excavation, grading, utilities and demolition. We also offer asphalt and concrete crushing, screening, and recycling. If you make us your project ally, you can depend on the results. Contact us for further information or to set up a site visit.

Complete sitework
We handle every stage and aspect of site preparation: demolishing existing structures, excavating for the foundation, grading the land, and excavating and installing the utilities. Choosing us for the complete package gives you even greater value, as we are experienced in coordinating every aspect of the job and delivering superior results on time.
Manned by highly experienced operators, our lineup of excavation equipment is second-to-none in the region. We operate year-round, always delivering impressive results.
G.E. Marshall Inc. is known throughout the region for grading expertise. To expedite productivity, we utilize GPS guided equipment to create consistent and accurate grades and slopes. Present us with your challenge and let us show you how we perform.
We are your one-stop-source for excavation and installation of on-site and off-site utilities. This includes water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, irrigation, fiberoptic, gas, electric, telephone, etc.
Using advanced equipment and methods, we clear land, demolish structures, and remove foundations quickly and efficiently. We also recycle most demolition debris.
Concrete and Asphalt Recycling/Green Solutions
G.E. Marshall Inc. makes sure that concrete and asphalt do not go to waste; we crush, screen, and recycle these useful materials. It is good business and good for the environment. Whether you would like to process your waste concrete or asphalt, or would like to purchase some of our recycled materials, please contact us for all of your aggregate needs.
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